Participate in our Future Food systems Summit (India)

A two day all-expenses-paid, professionally facilitated event

The Summit will be held as part of the BrightSpots Project and will provide you with the opportunity to develop a food system vision for the future, expand your network, and exchange experiences with other food system changemakers.

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  • Kerala: 24-25 January 2024
  • Punjab: 14-15 February 2024
  • National (New Delhi): 21-22 February 2024

Day 1: Workshop

Visioning workshop with other influential organizations from across the food system 

Free books

The first 50 people who complete the Future Food Systems Survey will receive one of two complimentary books of their choice: Radical Transformational Leadership by Monica Sharma or Transforming Food Systems for a Rising India by Prabhu Pingali and others.

Day 2: Networking

Knowledge exchange and networking + excursion to visit an inspiring food system organization in your region (designed to align with participants’ interests)

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