Kelzy Jepsen

Research interests: Sustainable food systems

Kelzy Jepsen is a PhD researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences in Agriculture, Department of Sustainable Use of Natural Resources, at the University of Hohenheim. She holds a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences and an M.Sc. in Interdisciplinary Studies in Environmental, Economic, and Social Sustainability. Most recently, she mapped direct N2O emissions and analyzed the sustainability performance of urban and peri-urban agricultural systems in Barcelona for her M.Sc. For her current research, she will be working on the Bright Spots of Sustainable Agriculture project with a focus on agricultural systems in Mexico. Using a holistic approach, Kelzy plans to integrate different methods to identify and learn from sustainable agricultural systems.

In general, Kelzy’s research interests revolve around environmental justice and sustainable food systems. For Kelzy, food has always been an important part growing up as it’s how she’s connected with her Mexican and Chilean culture!

Kelzy Jepsen

Key publications

Beltran, A.M., Jepsen, K., Rufí-Salís, M., Ventura, S., Lopez, C.M. and  Villalba, G., 2022. Mapping direct N2O emissions from peri-urban  agriculture: The case of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. Science of the total environment, 822, p.153514.